On the Beach

We took an actual vacation and headed to a favorite peaceful spot along the Pacific coast of Costa Rica for a week. We unplugged, relaxed, soaked up the warm sunshine, and even did a little surfing. These were beginner-sized waves, mind you, so don’t picture any north shore curls. The trick and challenge when you’re 50+ is doing a quick pop-up from lying down and paddling ferociously to bouncing up onto your feet, well-balanced of course. Frankly, we didn’t exactly “bounce” or “pop” to our feet like those spry, young, “Tico” beach boys, but we got up and rode a lot of waves, and it was fun.

Rikki strolls down the beach after another perfect day in Costa Rica.

We’re now in Amsterdam, on our way to East Africa to lead our annual Photo Safari in Kenya & Tanzania. We’re first going to make a detour and visit Rwanda to go trekking and see mountain gorillas. We’re very excited. — Jack & Rikki

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One Response to On the Beach

  1. Abbe Eaton says:

    East Africa, oh the memories – enjoy and can’t wait to hear all about it and see the photos!

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