Postcards and Postings: Catching Up On the Last Six Months

2011 has been such a phenomenal travel year — Rwanda, Kenya & Tanzania, Baja California, Norway & Svalbard, Zimbabwe and Botswana, Alaska and British Columbia — we keep pinching ourselves as we reflect back on these experiences. Now it’s time for us to get caught up here on the blog. Our last entry was about East Africa in January/February, and there is so much to share since then.

As we look back, the last six months were full of wonderful sightings. The dolphins (above) would make you think of Baja, but this was a huge group of Pacific white-sided dolphins in Johnstone Strait, British Columbia. The fin whale surfacing right next to the ship again makes one think of Baja, but instead we experienced this unforgettable moment off the western side of Spitsbergen Island, up in Arctic Norway. There was no end to the surprises, including an incredible encounter with leopard cubs in the easternmost corner of Botswana.

Soon to follow, we’ll add photos and stories to fill in a few details from these recent expeditions. You’ll find our updated schedule (via the link above or at right) all the way through the end of 2012, and even mention of our first expedition slated for 2013. We’re looking very equatorial for the coming year, so we’ve packed away the cold weather gear.

That’s it for now, Baja will be posted shortly.

-Rikki & Jack-

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