Returning Home & Schedule Updates

We finally have an extended stay at home after many busy months and lots of travel.
Our trips abroad interspersed with slices of time at home form a colorful patchwork quilt all stitched together by hours of packing and unpacking, laundry loads and TSA lines. During the past six months we’ve had the great fortune of visiting 19 different countries outside of the U.S., all in Africa except one. Yes, we’re a bit exhausted. And also exhilarated from all of the magical experiences we’ve enjoyed.

We’re grateful to now have a long break at home until our next African Photo Safaris in August. There is a lot to accomplish here at home, but the days are getting longer, and Seattle’s fickle weather keeps loaning us the sun for more days at a time.

We’ve now posted an updated version of our 2012-2013 Schedule highlighting our upcoming Lindblad | National Geographic Photo Expeditions and Photo Safaris that we’ll be leading this year and next. This year, for us, continues to be a year of visiting predominantly warm destinations; always pleasant and much easier packing, of course. Next year, in addition to taking groups to our favorite safari destinations in East Africa and Southern Africa, we’re very much looking forward to returning to Baja California, followed by itineraries along Alaska’s stunning Inside Passage. A highlight of next year will be again visiting Papua New Guinea, this time aboard the Oceanic Discoverer, and venturing once again into the wild highlands of PNG to visit the remote Huli tribe. We visited this region with Lindblad in 2006, and it remains one of the most memorable and unusual voyages of many years. Here’s a small taste of what we experienced then, and why we’re looking forward so much to returning to Papua New Guinea . . .

The warmth of the tropical islands . . .

The incredible underwater world . . .

The astounding Huli tribe in the wilds of the highlands . . .






In the weeks ahead, we’ll look forward to sharing some photos and stories from our recent African adventures.

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