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Jack’s essay Amid Time and Arctic White Space, delivered aboard the National Geographic Explorer this past summer in Arctic Svalbard,

is now available as an eBook download for iPad and iPhone.

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By Jack Swenson
This first person narrative essay is a serene and thought-provoking musing on the restive peace that one’s mind can encounter amid the barren beauty of the high Arctic while searching for polar bears. (Jokingly called “How Far to the Next Polar Bear?”)

Other books of ours available for preview or purchase from

An Eye for Images: On Safari

A Guide to Creatin…
By Jack & Rikki S…

An intentionally non-technical book of photography tips by Photo Expedition Leaders, Jack & Rikki Swenson. This photographic guide will help anyone of any skill level — from beginner to advanced — capture better photographs while on safari.

Autumn Returning

On this personal return to autumn, Jack portrays its wonder and beauty in a starkly new and creative way. These images are his artistic approach to both a familiar season and a well known art form. [42 original color images]

Expedition Gallery: East Africa

By Jack & Rikki S…

Inspiring photographs of favorite safari destinations in East Africa by photo safari guides Rikki and Jack Swenson.

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