Why Choose a Safari With Jack & Rikki?

“Their focus on our guests is remarkable, as well as their attention to detail which is particularly noticeable with the one-off safaris they have organized and led over the past years.”
—Sven-Olof Lindblad

African safaris are a passion for us. We approach each safari program with that same level of enthusiasm, along with the knowledge and experience gained from 14 years of designing and then leading each and every trip. We take great pride in being Expedition Leaders who deliver outstanding experiences to our travelers. And nothing is more satisfying than sharing our love of African wildlife, and photography, with others.

We’d prefer letting the words of our past travelers—many who have returned for second, third, and even fourth safaris with us—illustrate the advantages of traveling with us.

“It is our greatest privilege to travel with you, both of your meticulous planning and pampering us are beyond our expectations… Overall, I would rate this trip a 10 plus.”

—CK & Marianna C., 2018, 2019 Safaris

Perhaps the most valuable and unique quality we bring to the table as your safari Expedition Leaders—we are intimately involved in your program from the initial planning stages until you are back home. Our emphasis is on providing exceptional care and service throughout the experience. Prior to your safari we provide highly custom prep for your program. During your safari we will be handling all details so you can relax and enjoy. After you arrive home, we are available for critiques on images, ID’s on wildlife, or discussing future adventures.

“As very seasoned African travelers we rank this trip among the best we have ever taken. The many leopard, lion, elephant and wild dog encounters were especially amazing… Five leopard at one time!!!.”
—Alan & Jo Ann H., 2016 Safari

Designing Incredible Safari Experiences
Location. Location. Location. We build our individual itineraries to take you into the heart of prime territories for top-notch wildlife viewing. Being in the right location for big game is our top priority. And, we utilize outstanding luxury tented camps and lodges. These locations are ideal for photographers or anyone who loves to linger with wildlife.

“We did a careful analysis of major tours including the actual time spent on finding animals/photography and the quality of the places, and your tour came out on top every way we looked at it. Yes, the price was higher also … I’m excited to do this again!”
—Kim S., 2013, 2020 Safaris

When we offer a safari itinerary you won’t find extra hidden costs—all internal flights between camps on the itinerary, gratuities for local guides & camp staff, departure and airport taxes, and extra weight allowances for gear are included upfront. While it costs more, we utilize private air charters (whenever possible) as we have found “scheduled chartered” flights fly at the flight operator’s convenience, not ours. Plus, every day of our itineraries are planned as actual “safari” game outing days.

“Your careful planning was reflected in the smoothness with which the whole trip flowed. We couldn’t have been more pleased with the camp guides, the accommodations, the food, and the abundant animal viewing opportunities.”

—Wayne & Janine R., 2013, 2015, 2016 Safaris

Past safari travelers have raved about the balanced flow and pacing of their safaris, appreciating the savvy and nuanced attention we bring to each program. To optimize your daily experiences, we’re reviewing every day’s operational details well in advance of departure, refining timings to maximize your time with wildlife, and to minimize any potential hiccups along the way.

“We’ve looked at all the major Africa tour providers. None comes close to what you do: unique knowledge of the area; superb planning of every detail; stunning itineraries. When friends ask: “Where in Africa are you going next?” Our answer: ‘Wherever Rikki and Jack are going.’”

—Liz & Ed M., 2017, 2019 Safaris

We specialize in custom safari programs, not routine weekly departures. We are not “step-on guides” who just show up at the appointed hour for game drives. We’re there for you, available for one-on-one consultations and conversations throughout your journey, as well as before and after. Dedicated to building fantastic programs for our traveler’s experience, we limit our departures to 2-3 per year.

“You both have a gift of making people from all walks of life get along, appreciate fellow travelers, and treasure the unique places that we visit. It was fun, exciting, educational on many fronts, and….and….and….words can’t express!”

—Michael E. & Julie S., 2011, 2013 Safaris

We do our best to craft groups and lead our programs in a way that brings everyone together. We know that this time together on safari—on game drives, at meals, sitting around a campfire looking at the stars—it’s all part of the conversation integral to your African experience.

There For You From The Start
We’ve found that our availability prior to the safari allows our travelers to arrive better prepared for their upcoming adventures. In turn, they have a better safari experience. You can reach us by email or phone to answer any questions you may have prior to your departure, including individual consultation on photographic equipment.

“Just wanted you to know how valuable I feel your emails are. The thoroughness of them gives everyone a clear understanding of what to expect… I find myself looking forward to what you have to share… After receiving each one my excitement level about the trip increases and further solidifies that traveling with you and Jack was an excellent decision.””

—Heidi A., 2019 Safari

Our programs include a series of weekly Safari Tips & Info emails very specific to your departure dates and locations (this is not typical among safari outfitters, most provide standard answers to questions, a matter of cost effectiveness). Sent during the 3 months prior to departure, we cover a wide variety of subjects ranging from camera gear to safari vehicles to phases of the moon. We’re not shy about reaching out to camps and lodges to get accurate and timely answers, or to handle individual requests. No question is too silly, too small, or inconvenient to answer.

“Obviously the animals were the
 star attraction but I can’t help but sing the praises of Jack & Rikki. I learned more about photography on this one trip than I have from all the other combined Lindblad trips that I’ve been so fortunate to take.”

—Jean O., 2012, 2014, 2017 Safaris

Sharing Amazing Africa With You—And How To Photograph It All
Not only will we be leading your safari, we’ll also provide one-on-one photographic instruction at your level of expertise throughout your safari both on game outings as well during down times back at camp. Our safaris are not “photo workshops,” we’d never want to pull the blinds during a day in Africa. We want our travelers to be engaged in the sights and sounds of Africa, as well as indulging their passion for photography.

“We really appreciated your approach to the photo instruction aspect of the trip. Help was always available, but in a relaxed and unstructured way that invited participants to take advantage of your expertise as they needed it, not in long, tedious group instructional sessions.”

—Wayne & Janine R., 2013, 2015, 2016 Safaris

We have our own vision of the “Photo Safari,” balancing photography and natural history, along with great appreciation for the amazing places we are visiting. As founding members of the Lindblad Photo Expedition team in 2000/2001, we have developed a very inclusive style of teaching inspiring at any level of photo interest traveler—from beginner to pro. We have had many years of experience as both leaders and photo instructors to refine and improve our programs.

“You are excellent expedition leaders, projecting caring concern for all participants. Your energy, humor and enthusiasm were contagious and we felt grateful to be part of such a congenial group.”

—Wayne & Janine R., 2013, 2015, 2016 Safaris

Plus, you can count on Rikki, aka “Mama Safari,” to make sure you are comfortable throughout.

For the past 5 years we have worked hand-in-hand with an excellent safari outfitter, Eyes on Africa. Their diligence to the many details of a custom, high-end safari and photo program, along with their high level of personal attention to our travelers needs, make them a great match for our meticulous program planning. Based in Chicago, EOA’s breadth of personal knowledge, experience, and connections with the many safari camps and lodges make them terrific for our collaborative itinerary development.

“Thanks again to you two for such a wonderful trip. You guys are fantastic people, photographers and leaders. We’d follow you anywhere!”
—Paul & Connie B., 2016, 2018 Safaris

We hope you will join us for a small group safari, or to create your own private, high-end safari itinerary with us as your leaders. Rest assured that it will be led with experience, a high level of attention to details and service, and fun! With 14 years designing and leading small group safaris to a variety of Southern and East African destinations, we have the savvy you want implementing your safari program, and will personally give you the care, attention, and joy you’ll appreciate throughout your experience.